SCJP Plus Beta Certification exam delayed

When I came to know that Sun is giving away the opportunity to sign up for newly launched SCJP i.e. Sun Java Programmer Plus certification. I registered for it. According to them Selected candidates will be given the opportunity to appear in beta test for free. But still they have this announcement on their website.

And just recently I got an email from Sun that hey have delayed this certification.

Dear Tahir,

Thank you for your interest in the Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification – Sun’s first performance based Java Certification exam.

We wanted to inform you that the full beta for the new Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification has been delayed to later in this year based on the results from initial beta testing and to align more closely with the upcoming release of JDK 7. We will get back in touch with you as soon as we have revised dates for the full beta test.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to

Thank you,

Sun Microsystems

I don’t know why they suppress SCJP6 and 5 exam. I think many people (me too) have purchased SCJP 5 voucher and preparing for it. When I hear this news I was getting afraid that might be SCJP 5 got expired. Thank God its not. I found similar discussion on  I found on CodeRanch forum when I was searching this announcement on Internet.

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