Google Code Jam is back for year 2009

code_jam_logoGoogle has announced its annual programming competition for year 2009.

According to Google blog

Registration is now open, so you can find out more about the contest, and practice on some sample problems. Practice hard! If you make it to the top 500, you’ll travel to a nearby Google office for our semifinal round. If you’re in the top 100, we’ll fly you to our Mountain View headquarters to compete with the world’s very best.

Google is taking this competition as a fine grained recruiting process. Because while registering with Code Jam they will ask what Google office location suits you. Well fair enough, they are giving money to winners and an offer to work in Google. I hope this time I will be able to solve problems in qualification round. Last time I able to solve only one problem which works fine by given test cases but Google didn’t accept :(. That fairly means I need more practice.

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