Microsoft’s new search brand, a decision engine: Bing

BingMicrosoft announced its new search brand – “Bing“. According to Microsoft they are calling it a “decision engine” instead of calling a “search engine”. Microsoft has a reason for that. They thought customers want to go beyond the usual search. Normal search engines help people in the best to provide them the information they want but they didn’t helping decision making. This is the area where Microsoft opens its shop of having a decision engine (after getting loses of its search brand

Bing will help users in decision making, finding local businesses, planning for trip etc. I think this is a great idea where information available on internet will help people to make decisions. Google already have 60% share of search engine market. Let’s see if Microsoft is able to grab its share with its new brand and idea. The usage of Google has made ‘Google’ a verb in dictionary. Lets see if we got the term ‘Bing it’ with ‘Google it’.

Watch this video for an intro.

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