Oracle has acquired SUN Microsystems. So whats the impact?

On 20th April Oracle has eaten up another company. SUN Microsystems which was dangling around in the corridors of IBM, now at last got settled with Oracle on price of  approximately $7.4 Billion in equity value or $9.50 per share in cash. Both companies have been collaborating in Java platform and have strategic relationships. Oracle has built up its faces specification ADF Faces which is based on Java Server Faces. Oracle also has JDeveloper IDE for Java in its stack. But after acquiring SUN, Oracle happens to add an operating system (Solaris) with a wide range of server systems (Spark) in its stack.

I am managing here the list of software products by both Oracle and SUN Microsystems. The list is not complete, will update if I found more information to add.

Oracle SUN Micosystems
IDE JDeveloper NetBeans
Application Server BEA Weblogic Glassfish
SOA Oracle SOA Suite Open ESB
Database Oracle DB MySQL
Single Sign-on Oracle SSO OpenSSO
Portal BEA Portal Server SUN Portal Server
Directory Services Oracle Internet Directory Open DS

Now lets see how Oracle merge all SUN products into its products. There are certain question which arise with this acquisition;

  1. What will be the future of MySQL?
  2. What happen to other open source initiatives by SUN, like OpenOffice etc?
  3. What will be the status of community initiative, JCP (Java Community Process)?
  4. How Java developers and other open source circles take this acquisition?

Well the list can be goes on. But I think Oracle will regard the open source projects of SUN and will keep supporting the community working behind these projects. Being the biggest in proprietary database market and now the biggest in open source too, Oracle will support Java because of its middleware. There are good roads ahead. Resources:

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6 thoughts on “Oracle has acquired SUN Microsystems. So whats the impact?

  1. My biggest concern is MySQL because the very core of Oracle is DB and MySQL has slowly but surely eaten into DB market albeit the low end segment. But it was adding features, so why would Oracle support MySQL? probably to hurt Microsoft more than itself?

  2. In this acquisition oracle just publicize the obvious advantages of java and solaris in their press release but mentions nothing of the real jewel in the crown: MySQL 😀 bcz it was the biggest threat for oracle and they have taken it out of game v wisely. Overall this deal really opens up significant opportunities for oracle to become more formidable competitor especially against IBM now both in software & hardware but oracle executives does not regard sun as a hardware company(again oracle’s witty view). Well it would be too early to comment how oracle says farewell to mysql but I think oracle will not demise mySQL but keep supporting it and all other open source projects bcz now it has become a huge lucrative market for oracle…

  3. Everyone seems concerned with mysql and the way Sun or Oracle might abuse it.

    You guys, yourselves set up to it: you are using mysql when you know that they have such a license that can be bought and sold. This thing cannot happen to PostgreSql.

    So why not use PostgreSql when it’s been even a better server? You like to follow hype (mysql).

    Good. Now pay for it with your worrying.

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