My participation in ComSPEC’09

Yesterday I participated in ComSPEC’09 and presented my final year project with my group member Aisf Shehzad. This event was organized by computer science department of CIIT Lahore. My project was Open Source Healthcare Management System which we guys developed as our degree project under supervision of Nadeem Ghafoor with the intention to make it in production for public sector hospitals in Pakistan. It was I think a month ago when I was told about this event by my friend to make the project ready for it. So it was an activity in off office hours, I keep myself involved in fixing bugs and usability issues.


It was great response by students and other participants on COS-HMS. They appreciate our efforts discussed about the design and architecture. By this event I got chance to meet with my teachers especially Muhammad Aman Ullah, Muhammad Emran, Muhammad Farooq i Azam & Nadeem Ghafoor (COS-HMS adviser) and other alumni members. This is even was a great effort to bridge students between those guys who are in school and those who are graduated and working in the industry or pursuing their higher education. Student who came to us were full of questions that how the market is going on and how students of CIIT are rated.

And then we got the judges for evaluation process. These three people one from MCB Bank and two from ITS evaluated our system by seeing working application and asking questions about design, domain & standards. There were seven to eight projects were there for evaluation, otherwise if categories were made like embedded systems, industrial automation, MIS etc. I was sure to have rated my project first in MIS. Following is the application tour presented at exhibition.

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