42% of PC users never defragment their PCs

More than 42% of PC users neglect to defragment their computers. Nearly 16% of those who answered the poll said they had no idea what disk defragmentation is, while more than 26% said they never defrag their machines. The remaining respondents said they frequently defrag their systems using either a built-in manual defragmenter (44.9%) or a standalone utility that automates the defrag process (13.1%).

Research by ZDNet

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One thought on “42% of PC users never defragment their PCs

  1. Guess thats true, had a friend whose system was not moving an inch:D on clicking any task and when i asked him if he had checked his drive for fragmentation, he replied “whats that”. when i alalyzed the drive it looked seemed in a bad shape, severely fragged and just 3% free space! Its important to know the PC, its maintenance and right way of use just as its important to know about one’s own body and health. Well, similar results are likely to turn up on a poll conducted on the latter as well.

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