The Open Source Frameworks I use

Free and Open source frameworks are popular in Java developers, because they always come to make life easy. I am listing here the F&OS frameworks and libraries that I am using in my work. My this post is reply to The Codist.

  • Tomahawk – I have used some of tomahawk controls in JSF
  • Hibernate – with this ORM, thinking in objects is easy for me
  • DWR – it make easy to use AJAX in my application
  • Log4J – for loging purpose I use this
  • YUI – YUI is a revolution, it comes with so many JavaScript based controls to be use in web
  • Jakarta-commons – I am using some of commons in my work like DbUtils, Email, File Upload and Logging
  • Apache Velocity Engine – for text generation and working with templates I use velociy
  • AspectJ – to use AOP in Java, AspectJ is my choice, I am in the way for having full command on it

For sure there are many other frameworks and libs exists in F&OS circles that can be adopted to make development life easy and productive. I am already in the hunt to look some frameworks and libraries.

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